TAX ACCOUNTING is a corporation that provides auditing, counselling and corporation advice specializing in the development of various activities within tax law to provide short, medium and long term cost optimization.

We are committed to our client’s satisfaction, professional ethics and the constitutional principles. We provide services for national and foreign corporations as well as individuals, located in Brazil or abroad, working within various segments of the business world.

Our headquarters is located in Sao Paulo, São Paulo and our branch office is in Recife, Pernambuco. Our geographical platform spans the entire Brazilian territory.



Our work is realized through procedures that complete the agenda previously outlined, with that, we highlight the following:

• Examine: Analysis of books, registries, reports, transactions and documents;

• Inspections: due diligence that aim at verifying situations or facts in circumstantial forms;

• Inquiries: researching via interviews with experts in the specific business field;

• Investigations: bringing to light what may be in the dark due to whatever circumstances;

• Measurement/Evaluations: physical quantification of goods, rights, obligations, expenses and incomes;

• Certification: certifying information and reports which will be used for the services.











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