TAX ACCOUNTING is a corporation that provides auditing, counselling and corporation advice specializing in the development of various activities within tax law to provide short, medium and long term cost optimization.

We are committed to our client’s satisfaction, professional ethics and the constitutional principles. We provide services for national and foreign corporations as well as individuals, located in Brazil or abroad, working within various segments of the business world.

Our headquarters is located in Sao Paulo, São Paulo and our branch office is in Recife, Pernambuco. Our geographical platform spans the entire Brazilian territory.


Auditing and Tax Consulting
Tax planning and corporate planning
Investigation of the fiscal opportunities (tax credits)
Evaluation of internal control system for fiscal activities

Our auditing and tax counselling work objectifies the examining and evaluation of tax planning, procedure efficiencies and tax control of the operations, payments and tax recovery, as well as any burden related to fiscal-tax focused on the operations, goods and documents. Read More

The work of tax/corporate planning covers the study and comprehension of the business-client to develop scenarios that enable tax savings on the enterprise in course. It also helps with the implementation of new projects to indicate better tax options. In other words, the best tax option that will result in better capitalization for the business during the implementation phase. Read More

Since the verification and calculation of tax and duties are very complex, along with the necessity to accomplish timelines by strict due dates established by the fiscal laws, it is very common that tax credits are not identified in a timely fashion by the corporations in general. Read More

As result of the information technology evolution, the Receita Federal do Brasil (Federal Revenue Office) implemented a diversity of ancillary obligations that allows it to process a rigorous follow up of the taxpayers’ activities. Such as the ECD – Escrituração Contábil Digital (digital bookkeeping) and other similar processes. Read More

Accounting and Fiscal Reports
Transfer Price
Revision of debts included in special installments

Our work includes the elaboration of accounting and fiscal reports with the aim of proving allegations argued in tax litigations before administrative levels. Read More

Transfer prices are the prices practiced during the buying and selling (transfer) of goods, rights and services between related parties on import and export transactions. In special circumstances between related parties these prices may be artificially stipulated and consequently diverge from the true market price negotiated by independent persons. Read More

We provide the revision and qualification of debts included in special installments programs, with the aim of identifying mistakes and recovering/reimbursing amounts that were wrongfully paid and/or equivocally accounted for (charged by tax authorities). Read More

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